Spice Up Your Day With the Oppo F19S


Oppo F19S is an extremely powerful smartphone that packs a lot of powerful features into one sleek device. If you are looking for a top smartphone with cutting edge features, then the Oppo F19S would be perfect for you. This smartphone has a stunning 5.5 inch capacitive display and a super slim body. This is one of the first smartphones from the Oppo brand which is completely packed with all that you would expect out of a premier smartphone.

If you want to get the most from your smartphone, then the Oppo F19S is perfect for you. It comes with a unique Oxygen applications platform and an internal memory which is twice the size of the normal one. The Oppo F19S price in India is unbelievably low at 989 which means that it has sixGB Ram and also it has 128GB storage. The smartphone is going to be available in India through Flipkart e-store and OPPO. There are several other retailers in various parts of the country such as Reliance, Vodafone, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile and others. All of these retailers are going to offer this smartphone in different variants such as the single sim or the contract mobile phone and even prepaid.

One amazing feature of the Oppo F19S is that it comes with a built in camera. This is one of the main reasons why this handset is so popular amongst youngsters. The built in camera of the Oppo F19S allows you to capture photos without worrying about extra expenses. This is because you can download the photo directly to the phone and then share it to your friends. The other great feature of the Oppo F19S camera is that it comes with a high resolution camera. oppo f19s

The main camera of the Oppo F19S does not require any additional memory card. The device has a built in one mega pixel camera which can take clear pictures without any hassles. The lens of the Oppo F19S can focus on any object perfectly. The battery of the Oppo F19S lasts for a long time and hence you do not have to worry about the device working on low energy as it last for a long time.

The Oppo F19S has a beautiful and sleek design of an Indian woman. The handset has been designed in such a way that it gives an impression of a woman. This is the reason why the Oppo F19S has been loved by all. The device has a beautiful white body with curves on the sides. Apart from this, it has a sleek metallic finish on the body and also has a beautiful indigo colored display screen which gives it a gorgeous look.

The Oppo F19S has been upgraded through the Samsung modem which helps to upload videos faster. It also comes with a nice large 1.5 inch capacitive multi-touch screen and also the memory cell is enhanced through the Samsung IMEI standard. The microSD slot is provided for the storage of the downloaded files. It comes with a decent sized battery which should give you enough power to get through the day without any hassles.