Amazing Features of the Oppo F19 Pro Plus


The Oppo F 19 Pro Plus is an advanced mobile phone from Oppo. It comes with a stylish metallic body and has a full QWERTY keyboard. The phone comes with two cameras namely the auto focus one and the flash one. The other camera is also commendable with it having a self-cleaning feature. The Oppo F 19 Pro Plus has a whole range of apps that you can use on this smartphone. Oppo F19 Pro Plus

This Oppo F19 Pro Plus smartphone has a whole host of features including the accelerometer, barometer, compass, proximity sensor and the advanced memory management which ensures that your phone will not run out of memory even after using it for a couple of hours of heavy work. This smartphone has a whole host of applications which you can download straight onto your phone such as games and other forms of entertainment. This device also comes along with a fast charging feature and also supports micro USB. The Oppo F19 Pro Plus also comes with a notification light which means that you can get notified when your battery is low.

There are a few notable features on the Oppo F 19 Plus which makes it different from the normal smartphones in the market today. First, this device comes with a USB cable instead of a Bluetooth one which allows it to be used on different Bluetooth enabled devices. This is quite helpful especially if you want to use your smartphone as a keypad on another device. The fingerprint reader which comes with this smartphone does not require you to put your finger on the scanner in order to log on to the system. It has a high resistance to pressure and is known to be one of the best on the market today.

The Oppo F19 Pro Plus comes with a 2.5D curved screen which helps to provide a comfortable viewing experience even when you are sitting at the desk. The phone has a full QWERTY keyboard which makes it very convenient for you to type text messages, emails and what not. The capacitive Android navigation buttons located on the top right corner of the smartphone are really great to use. You can use them to launch your favorite apps right from the device.

The battery life of this smartphone lasts till 1 hour and forty five minutes when it is on its last charge. When it comes to the camera, the Oppo F19 Pro Plus has got two mega pixels and a high resolution lens with optical zoom. This smartphone has got a high density of pixels along with optical image stabilization which ensures that you get clear pictures even when the camera is moving. The connectivity options of this handset are quite commendable and include USB, GPRS, EDGE, micro USB and Bluetooth.

There is no other better alternative to the Oppo F19 Pro Plus than the Oppo F19 Coloros 10.1. This handset does not allow you to be trapped in the bondage of false advertisement that most modern smartphones come with. It has a clear camera with auto focus, digital zoom and panning but it has got an impressively large display as well. The phone comes with a slot to insert SIM card which further increases the connectivity options of this mobile phone.

With all these amazing features, it is really hard to find a flaw in Oppo F19 Pro Plus. The best part about the phone is that it offers you the best value for money. The Oppo F19 Plus is affordable and has commendably long battery life. All these features together make this smartphone one of the best buys in India.